The House

3 Bicas dates back to 2005 when the globetrotter owner lately discovered that there were also deserted beaches in Portugal and bought these 22 hectares of land to enjoy them. The name 'Bicas' has been locally used for ages due to springs of water in the rice fields below the house.
The property was further developed for her young daughters to hopefully remember idyllic happy family moments such as: "Jumping in the elastic bed in the amusement park, hiding in the tree-house, playing for hours in the warm swimming –pool, long rides with the bikes to watch the sunset in the rice fields, and much more”.
With all the modern amenities, '3 Bicas' still offers you the opportunity to cook fish over a fire, sit for hours transfixed watching the pine trees and be delighted by the night sky unspoiled by the neon glow of street lights.